Sport Luxe Look

Hello my lovely readers! Today I want to blog about my Sport Luxe look. This trend is all about luxe sports cloths that you mix with your everyday wear. My trousers have narrow lines down the edge and they give my look a race-ready vibe that is normally associated with tracksuits. I got them from Primark  I first saw these trousers featured by Trinny Woodall on This Morning  and I instantly fell in love with their wide leg style, they were just perfect to experiment with! It was no surprise that after having been featured on the national tv this piece was completely sold out but I waited two weeks and saw them in the store again ( I always complete my fashion ” missions”:) The key to a stylish Sport Luxe look is the perfect balance of “sporty” and “elegant”. Combine the edgy sportswear pieces ( in my case trousers)  with more classic, feminine pieces to balance the look out. I added my sleek coat by Zara and Kenzo jumper, accompanied by bowler bag by Vivienne Westwood. My yellow lens geeky glasses are from eBay, another very geek chic trend of 2017 that has a distinctly retro vibe and encourages fashionistas to embrace their quirky side and individuality. I hope you are all having a great week so far X

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Coat: Zara

Jumoer : Kenzo

Bag: Vivienne  Westwood

Trousers : Primark

Glases : eBay

Irena D


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