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When it comes to being on trend you don’t have to run to the designer department stores to buy your clothing. Not everyone have a budget for designer staple pieces.  That’s why I decided to write my  todays’ blog post to show you that being stylish is possible without breaking the bank

My whole look (except for the bag) was bought on the hight street sales. But before venturing out of your home into the wild world of sale shopping, make sure you cleaned out your wardrobe. You have to check what items you still wear and what is just hanging there taking up valuable space.

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Jumper : H&M

PU Trousers : Mango

Beanie : Zara

Boots : Zara

Bag :

Sunglasses : eBay


First rule I always follow when shopping on sales is to make smart investments, just think about what’s coming next season. Vogue September issue is the best inspirational tool, it’s the most important and influential edition of the year so it’s essential to get your own copy . The reason why it is important is because this time of the year we make the seasonal shift and Autumn/Winter is always has more influence than Spring/Summer, September marks the end of summer, our recent holidays become a memory and the mood changes. We, fashionistas, see September as the time of fresh start and self-reinvention, and the September edition lifts the veil on the direction the fashion will take in the next few months. So when sales come you can snatch on trend items half price.

The second rule is pretty simple – buy only those items you will actually need, don’t get distracted by low prices, you can’t buy everything! When looking through your wardrobe, try to find gaps and figure out what pieces will be the most suitable to fill them.  Don’t buy something that you will need for a special  occasion which is happening next year, it’s unlikely you will wear it so instead of solving the problem you will add yet another “dead” item to your already problematic wardrobe

I really hope my little guide on how to shop in sales period will help you . X

Irena D


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