manchester blogger Hello my lovely readers. I know its been a while since I last sat down and wrote a blog post. Instagram  is taking over our lives and no one is writing blogs anymore!

To be honest, ever since I decided to shift my focus to other social channels I never lost the urge to write blogs so it’s a great feeling to resume something I always loved to do. I want to continue writing and share so many new and exciting things with you guys – latest trends, blogging events and of course what’s new on my bag collection front. 

Today’s post is just my small introduction to a new stage of my blogging adventure which I used to be so obsessed with. I’m really hopping to continue my tradition of writing weekly.

Below I’m leaving you all with the pieces I’m loving right now and which would be perfect to add to your autumn/winter wardrobe.   X 


manchester blogger
manchester fashion blogger
manchester blogger
manchester blogger
manchester blogger

Irena D 


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