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Since I started blogging about 6 years ago Manchester fashion scene exploded with lots of stylish girls & guys transforming the world of fashion at unbelievable pace by religiously posting their daily outfits on Instagram and gaining serious following of fashionistas. But long before Instagram days we, old school bloggers, would stay up late writing some truly unique content covering many different aspects of fashion, not only our outfits and attended events. Because social media is constantly evolving and the things get simplified along the way ( why bother writing an article if just a few pics taken on an iPhone will do the job?) it seems that new generation of “bloggers/influencers” forgetting that being a blogger means you have to have an actual blog . That’s why I only selected real bloggers in my “Must Follow Manchester Fashion Bloggers ” list.



manchester fashion blogger

Irena D World  : (I’m so sorry but I just had to include myself in this list) Irena D is a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger. With BA in Music this fashionista not only knows how to compose a pop song but is also one of the pioneers in Manchester street style blogging world. With vast collection of designer handbags Irena D knows how to style an outfit that would cleverly combine high street pieces with designer accessories.

manchester fashion blogger

Lina from Be More Fashionista I can talk about Lina’s style non stop. Every look which Lina puts together I just want to go and get, this girl  never stops inspiring me with her stunning on trend outfits. Lina styles her looks using high street pieces adding designer elements like socks, belts, jewellery and of course designer bags.

manchester fashion blogger

Anoushka from Anoushka Loves is the queen of Manchester Beauty scene. She never fails to inspire me. After reading her numerous blog posts about Charlotte Tilbury products I finally gave in and purchased my first CT lipstick the other day. If you don’t know what’s new in beauty world and which lipstick to choose, this is the perfect blog to visit.  Anoushka always includes swatches in her blog posts which is a very helpful element when it comes to reading about beauty products.


manchester fashion blogger

Sophie from The Scientific Beauty has a PhD in biochemistry hence the blog name. Despite her busy work life, she always manages to find time to shoot looks around Manchester. If you don’t know how to style key wardrobe essential – blazers, you just have to follow Sophie who builds  her outfits around different blazers & coats and always finishes her looks off with a red lippie.

manchester fashion bloggers

Anushka Moore from Mascara Every Saturday (such a fun blog name) is a blogger who like no other knows how to style a bold pattern dress. From a ditsy floral pattern to bold animal print  Anushka’s Instagram and blog posts are full of colour & happiness. If you are struggling with bright coloured pieces in your autumn/winter wardrobe this is definitely a girl to follow.


Irena D


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