Accessories of 2022 You Shouldn’t Get Rid Of

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With 2022 coming to an end, resolutions are creeping in, and predictions for fashion trends are hot in the press for 2023! With every year comes the varying accessories that each season brings with it. You may be clearing out your wardrobe to make room for the new things that the Christmas holidays may gift you, but you don’t need to throw something away simply because it’s not the current ‘trend’. Here are some accessories of 2022 that you should definitely hold onto!

Chain Belts

Some items can be timeless, and depending on how you are to style them, chain belts have always been something that you will have lying at the back of your closet. This year saw their rise in popularity once again with a variety of different styles and accessorization. Some used them to make that little black dress more of a statement, others donned it with maxi skirts and slouch bags. Chain belts always add something to an outfit, even if it is just a glimmer of metal, it can really help to steer an outfit into its final result, giving it a simply beautiful final touch.

Baguette Bags

These handy little staples are something you would be mistaken to think you wouldn’t need! Y2K fashion saw a massive boom this year, with the return of butterfly clips (keep these for reliant hair accessories for a casual outfit), lowrise jeans (unlikely to stay popular), and platforms (always a safe bet for reusability)! Baguette bags are one that became a likely pairing with both the going-out attire and the casual weekday fits! A lot of the time, it seems that nightwear seems to compromise actual practicability, and you shouldn’t trick yourself into thinking you won’t need anywhere to put your phone, keys and debit card- you absolutely will. Baguette bags are just the perfect size to fit in your three essentials, and with them sitting firmly under your armpit, you need not worry about them getting in the way of your dancing or having to be cautious about it coming off a chain, losing it, etc. Baguette bags will always be a reliable go-to and are definitely things you should keep a hold of!



These little accessories have always been things that dip and drop out of different fashion trends. With celebrities such as Harry Styles donning a string of pearls, their popularity began to soar once again this year after its surge a few years ago when velvet ones were ones to rage about. Jewellery can ultimately tie outfits together, and the simple string of pearls brought into popularity by designers such as Vivienne Westwood have made their way back onto the necks of fashion moguls. These pieces of jewellery appear to be ones that come back and forth in popularity, but with how they can adapt to each style, it’s definitely worth hanging onto the ones you have!



Having your hands decorated is something that has been a large way of accessorising this year. Whether you’re a gold or silver person, Opal Australia is sure to cater to your jewellery needs! With a range of incredibly beautiful and uniquely designed jewellery, a piece is sure to catch your eye! Necklaces and earrings are accessories that never cease to fall out of fashion and Opal Australia has pages of wonderful jewellery to browse through. After all, your neck, hands and ears also deserve to be decorated! 

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