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It becomes a massive task when we feel like we need to expand our wardrobe but our budget is incredibly limiting. Whether you have a few pennies or a lot more, there’s always a way to expand your wardrobe and your fashion capabilities within your financial means. When it comes to looking glam, there’s always a way around it. Let’s show you some methods to make sure that you can always feel fab in yourself.

Use Accessories to Spice Up the Basics

There’s plenty of jewelry stores that can get you started in upgrading your look and outfit. Accessories are invaluable whether it’s jewelry, hats, bags, shoes or scarves. You can always hit the discount stores to elevate a basic look. Accessories are quite possibly the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to looking glam, because they add that upgrade to what you’ve already got, but you can also start layering accessories to tell the story of you.

Opt for Versatile Clothes

Building your wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive, but there’s always the opportunity to use timeless staples whether it’s t-shirts, LBDs, jeans or anything you want that you can dress up or down or pair with trendier items. When it comes to this approach, it’s always about quality, not quantity!

Combine, Combine, Combine! 

When it comes to finding those methods to upgrade your look while also keeping an eye on your purse strings, you’ve got to play around and make the most of old things but make them new again. Mess around with combining pieces to create fresh looks, for example, layering, pairing or just tying items differently. If your creativity knows no bounds, it’s time to unveil this skill where it counts!

Don’t Forget the Fit

Most of us look at buying new items as a way to embellish our wardrobe, but sometimes we can make the most of what we’ve got by very simply using them to highlight our attributes. We should focus on fit instead of size, as well-fitting clothes will always look better than those that make us look frumpy. Take the time to get your items hemmed or tailored so you can feel more flattered by your shape the next time you pass the mirror.

Be Careful with Trends

If you want to keep everything on trend, prioritise your makeup, hair and accessories, but also update your wardrobe by swapping out the smaller items as these require less of an investment to properly refresh your look.

Plan and Coordinate

As simple as it sounds, taking the time to go through your clothing to create outfits that tell the story can instantly elevate how you look. You can start by creating an outfit journal where you document your favourite outfits so you can recreate them when you need something to wear for a specific occasion, while also making the most of every item of clothing in your wardrobe, even those ones you may have forgotten about!


When it comes to looking glam, whatever your budget, there is always a solution.


manchester fashion influencer,Influencer,fashion summer outfits. summer dresses, summer accessories,oootd, ret ready

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