This is MFW Part 2,  you can catch up with the first one HERE . Day 2 and my fashion adventure continues! Saturday was a full house and everyone could not wait for the show to start, the night where online high street and indie fashion were destined to share the catwalk promised to be hot. The first collection was presented by Sofia Dourvari, one of my favourite designers. I was blown away by her gorgeous leather pieces and beautiful detailing on the skirts. The next collection by Florina was inspired by none other than Mother Nature and we could literally feel the smell of flowers when the models were “floating” before us – the outfits were made from real plants and grass!  Didi- online boutique from Altrincham – along with another trendy online fashion company OMG Fashion showed us their great capability of maintaining their unique style standing strong on unsteady ground of online high street fashion – they were elegant and sophisticated. A very successful ” reincarnation” of a classic leather jacket was carried out by Boda Skins –  worn on naked torso their ” state of the art” pieces looked stunning… and extremely sexy! After Shock’s collection of gowns took us on a journey from Romanticism to Jazz era with its luxury, elegancy and extravagance. 
In my next post I will cover the third and final day of MFW, see you soon!expr:

Front Row with other Bloggers :

Katie from :

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Lily from :

Sophia Dourvari 

Real Flowers by Florina 

Didi’s Boutique 

Boda Skins 

OMG Fashion 


Very glamorous dresses from Aftershock 

Street style snapping with fellow bloggers .

Irena D



  1. April 22, 2014 / 12:44 pm

    Love these images!:)

  2. May 2, 2014 / 6:48 am

    It was gorgeous. It is also very fitting and really inexpensive for the kind of dress it is. It got to my house before estimated arrival. I highly recommend it!!
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