EVENT: South Beach New bikini collection preview for Bloggers

In the ocean of the swimwear there is a little island called  South Beach   – a must – visit ” fashion destination” for every fashionista. This Northern oasis of the most beautiful beach wear offers a multitude of different style directions for us, restless online fashion “adventurers”, to explore. South Beach have something for everyone’s taste in their constantly expanding product range and is an indisputable winner when it comes to design, quality and affordability. I’ve been invited by lovely Laura to a blogger spa day at the unearthly relaxing   Hale’s Spa and Country Club  for the brand’s new collection launch and was amazed by both the cloths and the event organisation ( hats off to the South Beach girls) We have not only been privileged to be the first to lay eyes on their new lounge, fitness and beach wear but also to indulge in heavenly jacuzzi along with a delicious lunch!
Bright neon and coral colours of funky swimming suits are to die for. When we’ve been asked to pick our favourite beach wear I immediately went for this neon orange number (it’s not on the website yet but you can see it in the picture below), just imagine how absolutely fabulous it will look on a tanned body? I am also impressed by the vibrant colours of the company’s fitness and lounge lines which makes South Beach stand out from their competitors who mostly offer dull and ” generic”sport clothing. I’ve been recently wearing my new Jenny black & neon coral leggings ( which were included in my generous goodie bag full of sport wear essentials) to the gym and was bombarded with compliments ( combined with envious looks). Please be aware of the new collection ropes, they are dangerously soft, you just can’t stop stroking it, it is the softest thing I ever wore! ( I asked the other girls and we all agreed on that) 
So keep your eye on South Beach’s website, the new collection is coming very soon!

The yummies cupcakes from Home Sweet Home in NQ Manchester 

To see full range of glamorous swim wear please visit South Beach Web  

Irena D 


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