Godiva Chef Inspirations Belgium Chocolate Collection Saveurs Du Monde

I think I am on the verge of reconsidering my professional career, a few chocolate degustation sessions like this and I will seriously think of becoming a chocolate connoisseur. Godiva Chef Inspirations Flavours of the World collection, kindly sent me by Godiva, was created by an international team of chefs chocolatiers whose aim was to integrate new ingredients into a ” classic chocolate palette” thereby developing an unprecedented combinations of the exotic and the tradition. Drawing their inspirations from all corners of the world they successfully combined classic belgium chocolates with Brazilian coffee, Chinese pepper, African fruits, American caramel and Japanese dark sugar which resulted in unexpected fusions that make your taste buds explode at the firework of flavours – a truly unique experience that goes far beyond a chocolate testing! Once Black Tea Mousse or Brazilian Coffee Nut Praline started melting in your mouth you set off on a magic journey to unknown before flavour ” destinations”: coffee,  roasted hazelnuts, Sichuan pepper – all merged into a peculiar amalgamation of richness and softness, harmony and overtone. The most flamboyant flavours  of Asia, Africa, Europe and America covered in Godiva’s most exquisite chocolate are all united in one little box. Flavours of the World limited edition collection will appeal to the most sophisticated tastes – lovers of the ” conservative” belgium chocolates will definitely put them into the ” new classics” category while ” chocolate explorers ” will be thrilled by the chocolatiers’ brave experiments with Eastern and Southern ingredients. The collection is available at Selfridges,  Harvey Nichols, Harrods  and John Lewis for  more info please visit http://www.godivachocolates.co.uk/

Irena D 




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