Proactiv My 1st Month

Hello my lovely readers, today I want to talk about my skin, acne and how I’m getting on with Proactiv  3 step system  . If you are my regular reader you may know that back in January I did an introductory blog post where I wrote about my future journey with Proactive to improve the appearance of my problematic skin.

Now it’s been already a month since I started using the products recommended by dermatologist Laura. My day begins with a good cleansing using Skin Smoothing Exfoliator – daily face wash that acts as a deep cleanser killing acne-causing bacteria while exfoliating your face, perfect product to awake your skin in the morning. Then I apply Re- Texturising Toner , I love how refreshed and moisturised my skin feels afterwords. For my next step I used Pore Targeting Treatment  which is a lightweight leave-on gel that releases salicylic acid directly into the pores to clear up acne while helping to improve skin tone and texture, followed by Complexion Perfecting Hydrator which  helps with common acne problems including dryness, irritation, uneven skin tone, excess oil and shine, redness, and large-looking pores but unfortunately after using Pore Targeting Treatment  on a daily basis I noticed that it dried out my skin so I decided to skip it for now which seemed to improve the dryness of my skin.

Once a week I treat my skin by applying  Skin Purifying Mask  – an effective deep-cleansing sulphur mask formulated to help clear existing blemishes and help prevent new breakouts from forming, I usually use it in the evening and leave for 10 minutes.

Proactive 3 step system  complete fashion kit works great with my skin, apart from minor dryness I did not notice any other secondary effects so far, it seems that it contains all the right ingredients to help with my acne and it is pleasant and easy to use – everything is printed right on the Proactiv +  tube. Since I incorporated the brand’s products into my routine, my blackheads have reduced in size considerably and my skin in general looks clearer and more even which makes me so happy! I will keep you all updated on the further progress in my next bog post, stay tuned



Irena D


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