Skin Care by La Prairie Switzerland

Hello my lovely readers! If you read my blog on the regular basis you may know I don’t have a perfect skin and as a result I try to experiment and work with different  brands to achieve positive results. I was one of the lucky bloggers to get invited to La Prairie counter in Selfridges a couple of weeks back.  When most of us hear the name “La Prairie” what springs to our mind is their luxurious skin care lines such as  ” “The Caviar Collection”  (in blue bottles)  and   Swiss Ice Crystal (anti-aging in silver skinny packaging). All these skin care products are based on a patented active ingredient complex that effectively protects against skin ageing and damaging environmental influences making the brand a real leader in the luxurious skincare sector.

After a thorough examination by counter beauty therapist Kat, I was advised to start using some of the key products which I’d like to review in detail.

First I want to talk about the brand’s new Line Interception Power Duo Night and Day cream  housed together in a single airless tube(which makes it perfect for traveling) I’ve started using it a week ago and I have to say I’ve noticed a significant different straight away. After using this duo cream my face feels incredibly moisturised and soft , the product has a pleasant yet not overwhelming fragrance and leaves my skin glowing and refreshed. The cream’s unique formula based on anti-wrinkle peptides works in different levels preventing your skin from the formation of lines, protecting it from the harm caused by UVA and UVB rays ( thanks to SPF 30, UVA and IRA protection) and stimulating production of collagen and other vitally important acids resulting in optimisation of skin renewal.

Along with the cream, I’ve also started using two more fantastic products : Cellilar Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil  ( great for preventing the first signs of ageing) and Cellular Power Charge Night cream to give my skin a revitalizing boost of oxygen to energize, balance and resurface it each night. I’ve been using this combination of products for two weeks now and I’m blown away by the results. No other cream leaves my face and neck in such smooth condition. Fine lines have vanished. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that only two pumps are required to cover face, neck and décolleté! Those annoying little breakout I used to have have been quickly cleared , and the texture of my skin has been visually transformed. I’m very excited to continue using the products, stay tuned for my updates!


Irena D


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