Hello my makeup lovers! This article is for you! This week I attended a very exciting event at Selfridges! It was just a matter of time before Christian Louboutin   launches an eye makeup. Back in September I blogged about one of the most iconic shoe designers Louboutin’s beauty product collections being expanded into the world of fragrances, and now Christian  launched the eye products in the new ‘Les Yeux Noir’ collection.

‘The Les Yeux Noirs’ collection  includes an amplifying mascara Les Yeux Noirs, Luminous Ink Liner Oeil Vinyle, Velvet eye definer Oeil Velours and Brow Definer. The designer who loves travelling took his inspiration for the collection from India . Christian’s idea was to capture the opulent decorative style of the country through Kathakali  dancers known for their extravagant makeup (you can watch them in action HERE.) Their unique make up , including drawn eyes, along with mesmerising expressions and moves create a truly impressive and inspiring show of one of the world’s most mystical performing arts

Velvet eye liners – Oeil Vinyle will come in three colors—black ‘Khol’, the signature Louboutin red ‘Rouge Louboutin’, and kohl blue’ Lady Twist’, they are intensely pigmented and you can wear them with any eyeshadows or on their own.

Versatile Brow Definer pencils come in 4 shades ( Blonde, Brunette, Auburn and Taupe ) so everyone can find their perfect brow colour. I was very impressed with how soft & pigmented the formula is. These pencils will definitely stay on your brows all day.

As to mascaras, Christian Louboutin created them in two shades – Blackest Black ‘Khol” and rich burgundy ‘Sevillana’ featuring Art Deco and Egyptian-inspired brass packaging with a shiny black spiked cap. These  decadent black and gold packaging will look super cool on the display on your dressing table!

The collection is available now on the website  and at Selfridges .




Irena D


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