Proactiv+ Redness Relief Serum



Hello my lovely readers! My today’s post is about the final stage of my journey with  Proactiv + . As you may know, I started my  Proactiv+  3-Step System journey in February (you can read about it in my  previous blog post ) This time the Proactiv+ team invited me and fellow bloggers  Skai  ,  Tami,  Lottie   as well as our dermatologist, Laura, to one of the top restaurants in London’s Soho – Bob Bob Ricard (well known for its “Press for Champagne” button) for the last catch up.

During our luxury dinner we discussed our skin dilemmas while sampling Bob Bob Ricard  ‘s signature champagne.  We also talked about our favourite products from the range and mine is definitely the  Redness Relief Serum 

I wish I had found this magical serum earlier in life before my active inflammatory acne left my skin with scarring and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation 🙁  This lightweight, water-based hydrating serum contains a unique mix of ingredients to calm redness.  If I feel like I’m getting a new spot I apply this serum at night and in the majority of cases it would disappear next morning. It comes with a smooth, metal applicator, which gives you that amazing “cooling” sensation when applied to the skin. I can certainly recommend this products if you are suffering from similar skin problems as me. X

Irena D


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