Masterclass by The Cover FX Global Artist Derek Selby

The masterclass I recently attended was one of the most memorable and useful makeup masterclasses I’ve ever been to,  Harvey Nichols  Manchester kindly invited me to join Cover Fx’s global brand ambassadors and  makeup artists Derek Selby and Trevor O’Keefe  for an in-depth discussion on the “uniqueness” of the brand’s products. When it comes to Cover Fx I’m not a stranger to the brand, in the world of beauty this Canadian makeup company, which was launched in 2000,  is famous for their game changing Custom Enhancer Drops or liquid highlighter drops which you can blend with your foundation or moisturiser for a stunning golden sheen.

On the masterclass Derek  & Trevor talked about another magic product – Custom Cover Drops. This is probably one of the most unique and most needed beauty product out there. So what is it and why it’s so unique? Imagine creating your own foundation with coverage that you’ll require on a specific day? With this product your dreams become reality, you can mix together your favourite moisturiser, primer or even suncream with just one or two drops (depending on your desired coverage level) and with a bit of  DIY-ing your own complexion foundation is here! Cover Drop are highly concentrated color pigments  that you can add to either a transparent product to make your own foundation, or another base product to adjust the shade for a better fit for you. Genius right? After a closer acquaintance with the products my wish list don’ stop growing. I would highly recommend to check out Cover Fx counter if you are looking to book yourself in for a makeover, especially with a spectacular limited edition gift packed with £400 worth of beauty items which is still on offer in Harvey Nichols ( you can read more about it in my  previous blog post ) the timing is just perfect!

Irena D


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