Swallow Bags Launches The Vivienne

Hello my fashionistas. In my today’s post I want to talk about these very unique and edgy limited edition bags created by an online company called  Swallow Bags  . Their tote bags are made of eco-friendly materials and feature exclusive prints digitally created in Sheffield making Swallow Bags a truly British brand.

This season Swallow Bag decided to celebrate the punk heritage and created “The Vivienne” bag endorsed by the British designer herself .  The print is a symbolic image of Vivienne’s fight for our environment and was taken during her anti-fracking tour.

If you are familiar with Vivienne Westwood’s brand ideology you must know her passion for environment and her supports of the Green Party of England and Wales. The designer’s inexhaustible rebel spirit has been beautifully embodied in the Swallow Bags’ new limited edition tote, ‘The Vivienne’, available to purchase from Swallow Bags  website ( £5 from every sale will be donated to the Inga Foundation, in support of Climate Revolution Vivienne Westwood. )

I personally think it’s a fantastic collaboration and an amazing opportunity not only to acquire a great bag but also to be a part of something important. Let’s make fashion change the world!


Bags available  Swallow Bags website

Irena D


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