Carven Paris Perfume Launch

Last week I was invited to have breakfast at  King Street Townhouse  , one of the Manchester’s top hotels, to celebrate the launch of new scents by French brand Carven  . The brand founder Marie-Louis Carven opened the house in 1945, offering women a new perspective on fashion by freeing them of convention and adding her legendary fragrances to compliment their wardrobe. The already classic piece from her first collection, a full skirted, green and white striped summer dress, became the signature of the House of Carven.  From the very beginning Madame Carven did things in a non-traditional way, a good example of which was launch of her first perfume Ma Griffe (“My Signature”) 1946 where hundreds of sample bottles were parachuted across Paris ( genius idea!) proving a huge success. As a result, lingering scent of Ma Griffe floated everywhere: at the Opéra, at charity balls, at the most fashionable sports events from Deauville to Monte Carlo

And on thursday morning  while having breakfast with my fellow bloggers we sampled 7 exquisite new scents inspired by Marie-Louis’s love for traveling . The perfumes capture journeys across the world including Sao Paolo, Manille, Florence, Ceville, Izmir, Marocco, and India. When it comes to choosing a perfume my favourite scents usually combine Mediterranean sweetness and fresh floral scents. That’s why I went for the ‘Florence’ scent ,  it’s a mesmerising fusion of warm sandal and cedar notes and sensual magnolia and black currant freshness, perfect for autumn! All these perfumes are available exclusively at  Selfridges   (in store & online) .

Irena D


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