Lucia Magnani Skin Care at Harvey Nichols

My beauty and skin care lovers,  this new article is for you.  Last week I was invited by  Harvey Nichols  in Manchester to the launch of a new Italian luxury beauty brand Lucia Magnani  where the brand founder, stunning Lucia Magnani, and her team introduced us the bloggers and press her new exclusive skincare range.

Lucia’s extensive experience in skincare came from working  as a biochemical analyst and  a senior executive  at GVM Care & Research ( one of Europe’s largest healthcare corporations.)  Working with some of the most renowned researchers for over 20 years has allowed Lucia to become an expert in the science of wellbeing and skin care.

The high-performance skin care line is based on a concept of holistic ‘Ben Essere’ or wellbeing.”Lucia Magnani Skin Care combines science and nature with four antioxidant ingredients: Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Alpha Lipoic Acid, in conjunction with three earth elements: Crodarom Rock Crystal (Quartz), Gulf Stream Sea Water (Sea Salt) and Actipyte of Chardonnay GL (Vitis Vinifera Grapefruit Extract).”

Lucia Magnani  wanted to present her personal skin care collection in glamorous, chic and original packaging, and she collaborated with  international award-winning designer Marc Rosen (Red Door by Elizabeth Arden, Catalyst for Men by Halston, Perry Ellis 360 Degrees, Lagerfeld for Men)  to create the graphics, jars and bottles.  I absolutely in love with the brand’s unique packaging – the beautifully shaped bottles paired with oversized tortoiseshell caps in slanted, uneven shapes are inspired by nature and look incredible

“I wanted to combine the contemporary, feminine oval shapes that are ergonomic to touch with tortoiseshell caps chosen by Marc as an expression of long life and Italian style,” Magnani explains.

Lucia Magnani Skin Care is now available exclusively at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, Manchester  and Edinburg .


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With Gorgeous Lucia 

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